Basic and functional literacy champions

LEED Nigeria is Literacy, Education and Empowerment for Development in Nigeria. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. Though the country is rich in human and material resources, majority of the adult citizens lives in poverty as a result of low literacy skills. LEEDNigeria is championing the cause of basic and functional literacy promotion by engaging Nigerian youths as volunteer Literacy Advocates.

Our Projects

Values and Leadership Skills Programme

The Values and Leadership Skills Programme (VLSP), is a blended learning programme. It is a two-day interactive workshop designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to jump-start your future. Under 2 hours, you study modules focused on your personal and workplace effectiveness, self-leadership, optimal workplace performance and personal values and ethics; transforming you from career newbie to a principled, ethical leader at work.This programme is perfect for you if you’re...

Youth Leadership Programme

Our work is based on the needs of young people and the continent. LEED NIGERIA’s leadership programmes contribute to aspects of Visions as well as SDG goals 4, 8, 10, 16 and 17. Our programmes fill important gaps in education to improve learning outcomes for students through our leadership and life skills curriculum; contributes to economic development and reduces unemployment through our social innovators programme and support systems that help young people transition from schoo...

Transformative Leadership Program

The Transformative Leadership Framework of Mastercard foundation defines transformative leadership and lays out the core competencies of a transformative leader, including key skills (such as adaptability, critical thinking and self-awareness) and mindsets (such as courage, empathy and vision). The Framework also identifies three essential modalities for developing transformative leadership: instruction, model and practice. It emphasizes that the opportunity for reflection portends the chance fo...

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